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The UASO Genesis Story

A beautiful, more inclusive Monkey Project

Five people sat down to eat at a HotPot restaurant in Chengdu, China. Matt Vegh, Rachel Fang, Nathaniel Vegh, Annie Wang and Arnold Yi. As long-time friends and collaborators in both the fine and commercial arts circles, they had a mutual interest in the crossover between art and technology. Discussing all the rage about BAYC and how this type of exclusivity culture had permeated NFT's, the two ladies asked if there wasn't a project that had a more beautiful, friendly and inclusive theme about it, with no social pressure attached. The answer was no. And the concept of UASO was born. Fast forward to a call with the Top Dog Chris O'Neill at Mr. Diesel Gaming in Scotland and our Universe began to form.

UASO Prologue

Ultimate Apes: A Space Odyssey - The Great Divergence

... While mankind seemingly dominates the Earth in present day, there was a time when this trajectory was not a foregone conclusion.


For despite our increasingly accurate research and scientific methodologies, tracking back along the path of human evolution, there remains a long period of time and circumstance definitively unaccounted.


From the time of the hominids and leading up to The Great Divergence of primates and humans culminating in the emergence of Homo Erectus and then present-day Homo Sapiens, we are far from having all of the answers...


 This is where our story begins...


        Ultimate Apes: A Space Odyssey (7,000 years ago: 5,000 BC)      

... and it was written that the Great Council of Primates met along the bank of a Great River in the Far East. They came from all over, thousands and thousands of miles, to congregate... and to decide.


What is our future, alongside the depravities of mankind? Is there a future of co-existence on Earth?  


... Deliberations went on for well over a year. Fierce arguments were had and fought among the factions. The Great Primates, all.

... in the end, it was determined, that half would stay, and half would leave...


They chose 6 stars. 6 Directions. 6 Ships.

... and the first was Odyssey One.


Destination Trillium...

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