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SpaceBapepe Collaboration

Because All Roads Lead to URanus!

SpaceBapepe is a Degen-style meme project founded by the creative director and Web3 coder from UASO's Core Team. So, of course we will support him with our considerable resources and as it is a Space-themed project, and even though it is a bit outside our more business-oriented approach to UASO, we will integrate this FREE MINT Collection into our Web3 products and games.

SpaceBapepe Cover.jpg

SpaceBapepe Origins

... and it was written, that a fireball descended from the skies of URanus and into the Great Fissure that divides the Plains of Taint. The local Wilnot tribes searched and searched, but none could recover the mysterious flaming object that fell from above. 

Enter, SpaceBapepe, a fearless leader, raised in a Hut on the edge of the Taintlands and summoning a horde of the greatest and most powerful Degen minions of the URanusphere, they will set out to recover the object, encountering untold dangers at every turn! 

Golden Choads 

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